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Our Facilities

Headquartered in Burbank, CA, our 15,000 square foot facility is fully secure, equipped to support 24/7/365 operations with up to three shifts. We’re incredibly proud of our 100+ staff of experienced and passionate professionals that are committed to propelling the next generation of entertainment.

In-House Digital Media Systems. Patented and proprietary.

Our facility is built to safely and securely house our proprietary, patented digital media systems and our state-of-the-art sound and editing rooms

Facilities Key Stats


Around-the-Clock Security


State-of-Art Editing Bays


Fully Equipped Sound Rooms

Security is Always
Our Priority.

We know that security comes first. That’s why our facility is TPN and studio certified. We have separated DMZ, Production, Corporate and Tier 0 Networks and we require key card entry into all production and non-production areas. We have CCTV cameras throughout our facility and a secure campus with 24/7 security and building access.

TPN Certified

Key Card Entry Only

CCTV Cameras

Campus Security

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